Helping homeowners maximize their most valuable asset
-their home

Homeezy partners with the best architects in your area to bring your home projects to life.

Why we created Homeezy

A significant number of homeowners fail to realize up to 20% of their home's overall value.

Many homeowners may not possess extensive knowledge in the construction industry, our goal is to ensure that they enjoy a seamless and rewarding experience while enhancing their homes to the fullest potential.

The absence of honesty, transparency, and trust in the construction industry is a major concern. We have developed a solution that prioritizes integrity and builds trust in the construction space.

Gabriel Francoeur Aguila

CEO & Founder of Homeezy, is a technology entrepreneur who has a deep interest in real estate. As a homeowner himself, he has faced the same problems that every homeowner encounters when seeking to improve their home. In response, he has developed a solution that aims to eliminate these problems for everyone. With his extensive experience in building successful businesses through his previous ventures, Gabriel is well-equipped to make this solution a reality.

Transforming your dream home into a beautiful reality is what we do best.

Homeezy's goal is to provide comprehensive support to homeowners throughout the entire process of their home project, from inception to completion. We strive to ensure that each homeowner receives expert guidance and assistance at every stage, from defining the scope of the project to selecting a contractor and completing the work.

Meet our team!

Passionate team is driven by a shared sense of purpose and a deep commitment to achieving a common goal.

Pro-active, not content to simply maintain the status quo, but always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

Caring, that prioritizes empathy, kindness, and support for one another.

Relentless, highly driven, and focused on achieving their goals, no matter what obstacles may arise.

Innovators constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas.

Gabriel Francoeur
CEO & Founder
Émile Gingras
Chief Financial Officer
Gabriel Francoeur
CEO & Founder
Émile Gingras
Chief Financial Officer
Yannick Gaudette
Digital Marketing Expert
Fakhrul Islam Bhuiyan
Ignacio Lopez
Graphic Designer, illustrator
Muntaka Mahdin
Marketing Specialist
Joy Gomes
Business Development Representative
Aktar Uddin
Business Development Representative
Business Development Representative
Murshedul Rashed
Business Development Representative
Nasif Adil
Business Development Representative

We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your home needs and exceed your expectations.