Architectural Design

Homeezy partners with the best architects in your area to bring your home projects to life.

Create your dream home with Homeezy's architectural services.

Homeezy partners with experienced and reliable architects to provide assistance for the pre-construction stages, such as planning, designing and obtaining permits.
Project Planning

Refine your ideas by setting clear objectives, computing a rough expense estimate, and creating an actionable strategy to ensure the project stays within budget and timeline.

Preliminary Plans

Realize your dream with the help of an architect who will assist you in developing a plan for your space, starting with initial sketches.

Plans and Documents for Building Permits

We'll take care of the paperwork for you and submit all necessary documents to your local government in order to get your project approved. Save yourself the back-and-forth hassle with your municipality.
Let us handle it !

Construction Plans

Begin your construction project with comprehensive plans to demonstrate to general contractors the tasks that need to be completed.

Construction Progress

Based on the scale of your project, you may need to request in-person oversight from architects to ensure that everything is going as planned.

Why hire an architect through Homeezy?

Expert guidance and visionary support for your success.

Creating an actionable plan to stay on-budget and on-time.

Applying for a building permit is often a complex and time-consuming process.

Detailed architectural plans for accurate construction.

On-site supervision: Ensuring builds conform to plans.

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